Transform Your Life With Dental Implants *

Hundreds of our patients have improved their quality of life by choosing denture over implants solutions.  Dental Implants are a good option for most denture wearers and age should not be a deterrent.  There are many different implant treatment options available that are affordable and accessible to most people.  Dental implants not only provide secure teeth and prevent further bone loss in the jaw, they provide the opportunity for beautiful aesthetics, full function and confidence. 

I have had dentures for several years.  I can’t begin to tell you what a huge difference implants made in my life. No longer do I have to cut up an apple in small pieces to eat it. The denture is entirely secure and never moves no matter what I am eating. I can easily say that getting dental implants is the best thing I have every done for myself. ~ Abbie S.

Conventional Denture (no dental implants)

Conventional standard lower denture with no implants

Tissue Supported
Large denture size
Potential for sore spots
Social limitations due to lack of stability
Can lead to increase in bone loss

Implant Retained Denture (2 implants)

2 implant retained denture

Available for lower arch only
Implant retained, soft tissue supported
No “downtime” without denture
Conventional denture size
Improved retention vs. conventional denture

Implant Bar Supported Denture

Lower denture connected to four implants and supported by an implant bar

Available for upper and lower arches
Implant retained and supported, usually on 4 implants supported by an implant bar
Can be immediately loaded over implants, no “downtime” without denture
Upper denture can be fabricated with an open palate for better taste
Conventional denture size for lower arch
Improved stability, retention and bite force vs. implant retained

All-On-Four (Teeth-In-A-Day)

All on 4 Upper and Lower Denture

Available for upper and lower arches, implant retained and supported
Can be immediately loaded over implants, no “downtime” without denture
Smaller prosthetic size for both upper and lower arches
Upper denture fabricated with an open palate for better taste
Maximum stability and retention

We have been providing denture on implant treatment options for more than 20 years and patients are always pleasantly surprised by the pain free and easy transformation into a denture on implants.  If you are wondering if implants could improve your life please contact the office for a complimentary consultation.

* Procedure done in conjunction with a dentist or dental surgeon