Do You Have Loose Dentures?

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Many denture wearers believe loose dentures are normal and just something they have to put up with. Consequently, they use denture adhesive, ignore the issue, and don’t visit their denturist. This is unfortunate, as regular denture maintenance improves comfort, fit and oral health.

A cause of loose dentures is bone resorption.  It occurs naturally as you age and after teeth have been extracted. The ridge that supports your dentures gradually recedes, which leads to ill-fitting dentures and a sunken appearance.

The first line of defense against bone resorption is maintenance. You should have your denturist check the fit, bite and the condition of your dentures every year. At that time, your denturist may suggest either a reline or rebase to improve comfort and fit or replacement if your bite is not correct or the denture teeth are worn.  It is recommended that denture wearers replace their dentures every 5 to 7 years.


During a reline procedure, your denturist takes an impression in your denture, removes some of the denture material and rebuilds it with new acrylic to fit the new shape of your gums. Relines not only make dentures fit securely and feel more comfortable, but can also extend their useful life.


A rebase differs from a reline.  It is a more extensive replacement of all the pink denture acrylic and is often necessary for dentures when they have undergone multiple repairs or they are very thin or discoloured.

Soft Liners

If your denturist determines you have significant “bone resorption” and your dentures cause daily discomfort, they may recommend a soft liner. Soft liners can help alleviate irritation, chafing and nerve pain caused by dentures rubbing on the gums.

Soft liners are made of a medical grade silicon material to provide cushion and is added into the underside of your dentures. Since they are softer than normal liners, they also adhere well to the gums and increase stability. A soft liner may prevent or reduce ulcerative sores and sensitive, tender gums. Your denturist can usually fit a soft liner within a day.

Dental Implants

Some patients struggle to keep their dentures snugly in their mouth. Your denturist may recommend dental implants to stimulate and preserve your jaw bone level and to secure your denture.

Dental implants provide the added benefits of full function, aesthetics (the look of the teeth), and improved confidence. Fortunately, dental implants are now a viable solution for most denture wearers.

SEMCD Lower Suction Denture

If you are not a candidate for implants, your denturist may recommend a SEMCD Lower Suction Stabilization Denture. This technique increases stabilization and suction on complete lower dentures and can even work on patients with advanced resorption and instability of the lower mandibular ridge.


Many options exist to eliminate loose dentures. Dentures should be comfortable and worry-free. Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation and assessment to discover which best option is best for you.

Live your best life and let us perfect your smile.

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