Poem of Thanks by Norman Warhurst

 In Community

Brookswood Denture Clinic
Is the place to go
If you need dentures
They are in the know
Their receptionists
Are always there to greet
They make you feel at home
As you take your seat
They have a waiting area
That has a relaxing atmosphere
The reason they are there
They make it very clear
It is their purpose
To give you a new smile
You will discover
This improves your style
It is their aim
To give you the best care
And that is why
They are there
I am a patient
And this is a fact
I am always treated
With the greatest tact
When they do any dentures
They do them just right
There is a firmness
They fit nice and tight
I would recommend them
They take care of you
They are the best
At what they do


We are celebrating 30 years of Creating Beautiful Smiles.