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a persons name is placed on a denture to identify the owner of the denture when lostHave you ever misplaced or lost your denture?  It happens more than you think!  And comes with weeks of stress if you don’t have a spare denture.  The loss or breakage of a denture can be devastating to the denture wearer especially if they don’t have a backup denture to rely on.  Being in the business of making dentures you hear all sorts of reasons about why someone lost their denture. It happens all the time and the reasons might surprise you.


Steps You Can Take To Prevent Denture Loss

If you are going to the hospital, leave your denture at home or wear an old denture.  Losing dentures at a hospital is at the top of the list.  The staff on duty may say they will keep an eye out for your belongings but it doesn’t always happen.  Paramedics may also be required to take your denture out of your mouth when riding in an ambulance.  With all the upheaval of going to the hospital your denture might be misplaced.

When you feel ill, take your dentures out and store them in a container. Many dentures have been flushed away after a denture wearer gets sick in the toilet.

Never wrap your denture in a tissue. Use a denture cup to store your denture.  When your spouse or house cleaner sees a tissue laying on a counter rest assured they will throw it out.  

Don’t leave your denture out in the open.  Why?  Dogs! They love dentures.  They will find a way to take them off the counter, chew them like a bone and leave them in several pieces.  Your denture can not be fixed if it’s in pieces.


Spare Denture

It’s always good to have a backup denture just in case you lose your current denture or break itMany people learned the hard way during early Covid-19 when denture clinics were closed and most had to go weeks without their denture.  When dentures are lost, it’s difficult to chew food, speak, or socialize. 

If you have an old denture, check to see if it still fits and can be used as a spare in case you break or lose your current denture. If you don’t have a spare denture, now is the time to think about having one made.  It takes time to make a new denture which means if you lose or break your denture beyond repair it can take several weeks before you are back wearing a denture.

Dental plans usually allow a replacement denture once every five years or a reline once every two years.  Call the office and we’ll check to see if you’re eligible.  Dental financing is also available to help with the cost of spare dentures.


Label Your Denture

Labelled dentures can be important in identifying the owner in case of accident, loss of memory, admission to hospital, or for those living in a nursing home where dentures are easily mixed up.  Dentures that are lost and not labelled cause chaos and stress for the owner and their family.

Labelling a denture takes less than an hour to complete and can save you thousands of dollars. Your name is added to the denture in a discreet place that no one will see unless the denture is found.  Click HERE for more information on labelling a denture.


Denture Care and Maintenance

Remember to see your denturist every year to check for changes in your mouth and assess the fit of your denture.  Denture adhesives are not a long term remedy for ill-fitting dentures that may need to be relined or replaced to prevent oral sores from developing.

Daily soaking and cleaning of your denture is important. Soaking your denture will eliminate stains and bacteria build up.  We recommend you use Denture Brite™ to soak your dentures.  After soaking, use liquid dish soap on a denture brush to clean your dentures.  To learn more about denture care and adaption click HERE.



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Darren Sailer and Colin Harty, Denturists, are BPS Trained and Certified SEMCD Clinicians at Brookswood Denture Clinic ~ Denture and Implant Solutions  


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