Digital Implant Dentures

Upper Denture on Dental Implants Milled from Trinia

Brookswood Denture Clinic has partnered with Perfit Dental Solutions to provide denture wearers with outstanding denture products for dental implant treatments.

Perfit Digital Dentures are a revolutionary platform with many advantages to the denture wearer. The biocompatible material used for digital dentures is stronger and lighter and in most cases, digital production reduces the time required to construct your denture from start to finish. On top of that, since your denture is designed, scanned and milled by a computer using the most advanced digital technology, we will have a permanent digital record of your denture. You will have the security knowing that if you lost or damaged your denture, a replacement can be made within days based on your digital denture records.

If you are considering Dentures On Implants such as the All-On-4 (Teeth-In-A-Day) this should be a major consideration. With Perfit Digital Dentures, the process from implants to the final prosthesis takes less time, no transitional denture and breakage issues, has a better design, phenomenal strength and aesthetics, and a 10 year material breakage guarantee.

What is the Difference Between Perfit Digital Dentures and Mainstream Digital Dentures?

Mainstream digital dentures are made in two parts – the base of the denture is milled from a solid material and then the teeth are individually epoxied (glued) into place. This process is virtually the same as conventional denture construction except that conventional denture teeth are not glued. They are secured into place by denture acrylic. The difference is minimal.

Perfit Digital Dentures are made as one solid piece. Using CAD/CAM technology, your denture is milled using a biocompatible, dense, non porous material. The tooth shape, colour and design is milled as one piece so every tooth is full customized – no stock denture teeth are used. No individual teeth glued into place (they can’t fall out). The denture is finished with custom composite to provide highly aesthetic, natural looking teeth. Teeth can also be upgraded to any material commonly used in crown and bridge.

Advantages of Digital Dentures:

  • Outstanding aesthetics, durable, thinner and lighter
  • Metal and plastic free, biocompatible
  • Precise fit of denture on implants, upper denture is made without a palate
  • Will not wear down natural teeth
  • Odour free because the material is very dense and non-porous
  • Resists bacteria from sticking to the denture and will not easily stain
  • Digital denture record for immediate replacement if lost or damaged
  • Considered a medical expense in Canada
  • Financing options available

Outstanding Aesthetics! Durable, Thinner and Lighter!

What is the Cost of Digital Dentures?

Digital Dentures range in price depending on which dental implant system you choose. Some cost less than others and its best you do your homework to find out which system is best for you. The good news is that the cost of your dentures can be used as a medical expense deduction when filing your income tax return in Canada. This includes dentures, dental implants and other dental expenses not paid for by your insurance plan.

The only way to know your exact costs is to book and appointment for a complimentary consultation and assessment. The Denturist will do a complete examination and walk you through the options that are available. Not all denture wearers will be a candidate for Digital Dentures but there are many denture options available and we can help to find the right one for you.

Financing Options

Dental treatment can be an expensive but necessary endeavour especially if you don’t have dental insurance. Some treatments cost less than others but it’s best that you do your homework to find out which dental treatment is best for you and your health before making a decision.