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Diana looking at her dentures in the mirrorWhen it comes time to get your first dentures made it can be quite an emotional experience. After all, you’ve had your teeth your entire life and you wonder whether your dentures will look good and work well.

Fortunately, millions of people wear dentures and you needn’t worry. If you follow the advice of your denturist and maintain your dentures properly, you’ll join the ranks of satisfied denture wearers and no one even needs to know.

We want to clarify the process for you so you understand your choices and what you can expect.

Immediate Dentures

During the immediate denture procedure, an impression of your mouth is taken prior to extractions.  Then your denture is fabricated for insertion by your dentist on the day of your extractions.   Sounds simple but immediate dentures have their limits.  Since the impression of your gums (with your natural teeth) and the bite measurement is taken before extractions there is no way to guarantee that they will be a good fit.   The tissue and bone level in your mouth will change after extractions but the denture that was made prior to the extractions will not.  Also, this option does not allow you to try in the denture to make sure you like the aesthetics (the look) of the denture.

Some patients choose this method because they cannot take time off work while they get new dentures or they may have a medical condition that requires them to have an immediate denture placed at the time of extractions.   If this is the route you decide to take you may need to have another denture made in the future if your immediate denture does not fit or function well.

Post Immediate Dentures

Since extractions will affect the tissues in your mouth and the jaw bone, the longer you can wait for impressions and the bite measurement the better. We usually can start to take the first impression for post immediate dentures 10 days after extractions if everything looks good and we do not see any complications. Post immediate dentures normally take approximately 3 weeks to complete.

Even though this option means you go without teeth for some time, it also means your denturist has more time to craft your dentures with care, accuracy and attention to detail. However, the most important advantage and the reason most people choose post immediate dentures is because they can try-in their new dentures and make changes to the aesthetics before finished in denture acrylic.

Post immediate dentures offer greater patient satisfaction, because your denturist can tailor your dentures for optimum comfort, appearance, and function.

We make both immediate and post immediate dentures at Brookswood Denture Clinic however, we recommend post immediate dentures when possible.

Transitional Dentures

A third option exists. You can opt for immediate dentures so you do not have to go without teeth. Later, you can transition to your final permanent dentures. You can do this quickly or a few months later if you’re concerned about the costs.  This method offers the best of both worlds, but it does cost more.


Whether you choose immediate or post immediate dentures, maintenance and follow-ups with your denturist are absolutely critical during the first year.

The denturist may need to adjust your dentures and add temporary liners every 2 to 3 months to refit your dentures while your gums heal and resorb (shrink). Bone resorption occurs when the bone that normally supports your teeth no longer receives stimulation. Bone resorption happens naturally as you age and also to denture wearers after teeth are extracted.  Without proper adjustments or temporary liners, your dentures may become loose and uncomfortable.

Once gum resorption slows, your denturist will replace the temporary liner with a permanent reline or rebase. This usually occurs about 1 year after extractions and the fit should last 2 to 3 years.


Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.  Denturists are experts in custom-made standard and precision dentures, immediate dentures, partial dentures and dentures on implants. We offer innovative solutions, quality workmanship, and reliable advice.

Live your best life and let us perfect your smile.

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