Celebrating 25 years of creating great smiles

There is much more to making dentures than taking impressions and setting teeth.  It’s about finding the right Denturist with the right experience and training.  A Denturist that will understand what needs to be done to restore your smile, one that knows the importance of the ability to eat healthy food and to speak with confidence with your family and friends.

Welcome to Brookswood Denture Clinic. We are known and appreciated for our innovation, quality and excellent customer service. Both Darren Sailer and Colin Harty are leaders in their profession. They are Certified BPS Precision Denture and SEMCD (Lower Suction Denture) Clinicians.

We are proud of the work we do and the materials we use to create your dentures.

5 Year Material Breakage Guarantee

* We believe in the materials we use and offer a 5 Year Guarantee against Material Breakage for Precision Dentures.

 Specialized Training & Certifications

Lower Cast Metal Partial Denture with Valplast Invisible Clasps

Partial Dentures with Invisible Clasps

The colour, shape and design of Valplast partials blend seamlessly with the natural appearance of the gingival tissues, making the prosthetic virtually invisible –  no metal clasps.

Lower Suction Denture

Lower Suction Dentures

Now Offering Lower Suction Dentures!  A significantly different approach to lower dentures than traditional methods.  The result is a lower denture that is stable without adhesive or dental implants.  Patients will be screened for suitability.

Implant Supported Upper Denture

Dentures On Implant Solutions

Improve your quality of life with denture on implant solutions.  Dental implants provide secure teeth and the opportunity for beautiful aesthetics, full function and confidence. Many options exist for implant retained or supported dentures on implants.

Upper denture on dental implants that was milled using Trinia

Digital Implant Dentures

Using CAD CAM technology, your denture is milled using a biocompatible, dense, non porous material. The tooth shape, colour and design is milled as one piece. No individual teeth glued into place (they can’t fall out). The denture is finished with custom composite to provide highly aesthetic, natural looking teeth.