Before & After Pictures 

Lauren - Before new dentures
Lauren - After new BPS Precision Dentures
Rebecca - Upper Perfit Digital Implant Denture
Side profile of Upper Perfit Digital Implant Denture
Mark - Before a new partial denture was made to fill the space where a tooth was extracted
Mark - After when a new single tooth partial denture was inserted
Sheila - Before new dentures
Sheila - After with new dentures
Frida - Before new dentures
Frida - After new precision dentures were made
Brian - Before with old upper denture
Brian - After new upper denture was made

With all before and after images shown on the site, no claims are made that results are guaranteed to be exactly the same. Results will vary by individual patient. Images of actual patients are shown for informational purposes only and are provided with patient consent for use by Brookswood Denture Clinic Ltd.

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