Denture Relines, Rebases & Repairs


Denture Relines

A reline is a procedure used to re-fit the denture to the tissues of the mouth. This is done by placing a new base into the denture. A reline can bring back comfort, stability and discourage food from going under the denture. This service is a one day procedure completed in our in-office laboratory.

Relines are required for many reasons with the most common reason being ridge resorption (shrinkage of bone over time). Ridge resorption is caused by the normal process of aging or after natural teeth have been extracted.

A general rule of thumb is that dentures should be relined once every 2 to 3 years. Relines are a normal part of denture maintenance and important to the health of the oral tissues and bone support of a denture wearer.

A reline is not always recommended for a denture. If a denture has lost some retention and the “bite” or occlusion (contact of the teeth) has changed considerably a reline will not be satisfactory in correcting the fit of the dentures.

Temporary Reline

A temporary reline (tissue conditioner) is a temporary silicone gel designed to last 1 to 4 months. It is normally used in cases where people have had their natural teeth extracted or to improve the health of the tissues before new dentures are made.

Direct Reline

A direct reline is also called a chairside reline. The direct reline material is inserted in the denture and sets in the mouth as the patient waits in the dental chair. The direct reline is offered in a hard or soft base, and are not meant as a long term solution to fit issues.

Processed Reline

A processed reline is completed by taking an impression inside of the patient’s existing denture, duplicating the new form of the oral structures in the mouth. This impression is then heat processed in our on-site dental laboratory for approximately 7 hours. This is considered a permanent reline due to the high quality of material used and the precision of the fit achieved.

Soft Reline (Soft Liner)

Many denture wearers suffer ulcer sores and sensitive and tender gums. The cause of this condition can be from a poor denture fit, dry mouth, sharp bony ridges, and thin tissues. It can be difficult to eat comfortably and can force the denture wearer to choose a soft diet eliminating their favorite foods. A soft denture base can be a successful solution for sore gums and provide immediate relief from sores. Comfort is very important to chewing successfully.

This is a one day procedure where the Denturist replaces the hard fit of the denture with a soft gel fit. A permanent soft liner will generally last 2 to 4 years. If you think you are having comfort concerns with your dentures you can discuss this option with your Denturist.

We use Molloplast B® Soft Liner Material for all our Soft liners. It resists saliva absorption and bacteria contamination. This service is a one day procedure completed in our on-site dental laboratory.

Denture Rebases

A rebase is the process of refitting a denture by replacing the entire pink denture base. This procedure is done by taking a new impression inside the denture, completely removing the old acrylic and adding a new acrylic base around the existing teeth. This service is recommended for dentures that have had multiple repairs, discoloration or are very thin.

Denture Repairs

We can complete most denture repairs while you wait. If you’ve got a cracked denture, a lost tooth or a broken clasp, we can fix it!

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