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Everyone’s mouth is different and the type of denture you choose should best reflect your individual needs.

Brookswood Denture Clinic precision crafted dentures use advanced procedures during fabrication. BPS Precision Dentures (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) require specific instrumentation designed to focus on analyzing the bite registration and jaw relationship in order to maximize chewing functions and provide a more stabilized fit. We use high quality teeth that are available in female and male moulds to give you a look that is natural to you. Our dentures are finished using the SR Ivocap Injection System and a premium biocompatible, fracture resistant denture acrylic.

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Standard or Precision Dentures – Which One is Best for You?

Everyone’s mouth is different and the type of denture you choose should best reflect your individual needs. Most Denturists offer standard and precision dentures however, determining which type to choose will depend on your current situation and the expectations you have for your restoration. Fit, function, and aesthetics are the three goals to keep in mind when making your final decision. There is much more to making dentures than taking impressions and setting teeth. Book a free consultation with our trusted Denturists to determine which type of denture is best for you

Materials & Selection

Denture teeth come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, shades and degrees of hardness. Standard dentures do cost less, but standard denture teeth are made with softer materials and wear down more quickly. Consequently, you will need to replace them more often.

BPS Precision Dentures use high quality durable materials. The teeth come in a wide range of gender specific moulds (shapes), sizes and shades. They can be made of resin, composite or porcelain materials with different life expectancies. Precision dentures have a more lifelike appearance and you can expect them to last longer with proper care.

Ivoclar BPS Precision Denture Teeth

Brookswood Denture Clinic uses the SR Ivocap Injection System to finish its precision dentures. The High Impact denture acrylic used to complete the pink portion (base) of the denture is monomer free. This results in reduced irritation to the gums especially for those denture wearers with allergies. The material is extremely dense reducing the chances of breakage and enhancing the bond of the denture teeth to the base. These dentures are stronger and resist odour and stains. The injection technique also ensures that the pink portion of your denture does not shrink during processing as it does with traditional processing techniques. Shrinkage can cause a host of problems, including an inaccurate bite and sore spots.

The SR Ivocap Injection System ensures superior fit with reduced pressure points.


Standard dentures include a Tactile or Intra-oral Pin Tracing Device to measure your ‘Bite’. Proper alignment of your bite is very important because it affects how the jaw will function when the teeth are in contact during chewing.

Patient Abbie during a Facebow Bite Registration procedure for Precision Upper and Lower Dentures.

Precision dentures use both an Intra-oral Pin Tracing Device and a Face-bow Bite Registration Device. This is the most accurate method to measure and align the relationship of the jaw and the position of the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ). The upper jaw in the human skull is positioned uniquely to the lower jaw and is different for every person.

After the Bite Registration is complete your results are mounted on a fully-adjustable articulator to duplicate your exact jaw relationship. This ensures the best fit, function, and aesthetics.



There are many factors that are considered in order to make a comfortable denture.

  • The condition of the tissues in the mouth
  • The condition of the bone structure in the mouth
  • The shape and size of the mouth

In designing and creating your new dentures we use only the finest materials and latest techniques. We take the time and care necessary to achieve the most accurate impressions and bite, resulting in a better fitting, more comfortable denture. The procedures the Denturists use are critical in creating functional dentures. These procedures are never compromised.

Brookswood Denture Clinic uses the SR Ivocap Injection System to complete your dentures. While under constant pressure, the base of your new dentures are injected with a high impact, biocompatible, fracture resistant denture acrylic. This process maintains the accuracy achieved by the Denturist during the impression and bite procedures.

Standard dentures provide for some customization, but not at the level of precision dentures. BPS Precision Dentures work with your jaw and allow for more natural motion. They tend to be more comfortable and can make a significant difference when chewing. The denturist will contour and shape the denture base to work in harmony with your chewing, speaking and tongue muscles.

Creating your Dentures

It normally takes 5 to 7 appointments from start to finish, the appointments include:

  1. Consultation and Examination
  2. Preliminary Impressions
  3. Final Impressions
  4. Face Bow Bite Registration & Pin Tracer
  5. Wax Try-In
  6. Ivocap processing and Insertion of new dentures
  7. Post checkup for adjustments

* 3 months of post insertion adjustments are included with all new dentures and precision dentures have a 5 Year Material Breakage Guarantee.

Gingiva (Gum) Appearance

Precision Dentures also include gingival contouring. It is the process of reshaping the dentures around the denture teeth prior to processing the denture in acrylic. It creates a more natural gum appearance. Brookswood Denture Clinic includes gingival contouring for Composite Precision Dentures, Lower Suction Dentures and Dentures on Implants. We can also add gingival contouring to any of our dentures for an additional fee.

Lower Suction Dentures

Does your lower denture lift, float or fall out? This advanced technique enhances the suction effect of complete lower dentures and allows for denture suction even in patients with advanced resorption of the mandibular ridge.


Dentures on Implant Solutions

Dental implants will transform your life and give you freedom from loose dentures and sores.


5 Year Material Breakage Guarantee


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