Lower Suction Dentures

Do you suffer from an unstable lower denture? Does your denture lift or float in your mouth? One of the most difficult results to achieve in dentistry is suction and stability with complete lower dentures. Up until now, we believed that suction on lower dentures was impossible and the only way to keep the lower denture stable was with denture adhesive or dental implants. The concept of eliminating the suction problem by creating a seal around the entire lower denture base has been spreading worldwide.

Complete Lower Dentures are Secured through Suction Effect.

No Adhesive, No Implants!

The Lower Suction Denture Technique was developed by Dr. Jiro Abe in Japan. The technique enhances the suction effect of complete lower dentures and allows for denture suction even in patients with advanced resorption of the mandibular ridge. The newly developed technique for achieving effective suction and stability of the complete lower denture has become an indispensable part of treating patients.

The most ideal way to achieve suction of the complete lower denture is to combine the SEMCD (lower suction denture technique) with BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) protocol.

What Makes the Lower Suction Denture Technique Different?

  • Significantly different impression technique and new high definition impression materials
  • Bite Registration with a Gnathometer (a dental device used to determine the bite and articulation of the jaw)
  • Semi-Adjustable Stratos articulator to simulate your jaw movements
  • Tooth positions are hand set by the Denturist to work in harmony with your muscles
  • High quality bio functional teeth
  • Special contouring and shaping of the denture base to work in harmony with your chewing, speaking and tongue muscles
  • Gingival contouring to create a more natural gum appearance
  • Dentures are finished with the Ivocap Injection System

Sounds and Movements are Captured in the Impression Material

During the impression procedure, patients will be asked to make certain sounds and movements. These sounds and movements are then captured in the impression material. The lower denture is fabricated to suction down around the arch and soft tissues to create the seal.

Lower Suction Denture Diagram

How Do I know if I am a Candidate?

Denture wearers that wear complete upper and lower dentures may be a candidate as long as they have not had recent extractions.

At the consultation appointment for Lower Suction Dentures, the Denturist will examine the oral tissues of your mouth and explain the treatment options available to you. This technique is not available for immediate dentures. Patients that have had recent extractions and immediate or post-immediate dentures will not benefit from this technique. After approximately one year of healing, immediate denture wearers may be eligible. Patients will be screened for suitability as part of the consultation process.

Even those patients that are not able to attain lower denture suction will benefit from the new protocol as the style and construction of the dentures works in harmony with your muscle and jaw movements for an increase in comfort, fit and stability.

For those patients that are not a candidate for Lower Suction Dentures we offer conventional Standard and Precision Dentures. Every care is taken to give you the best fit and function possible. Every denture is unique and is created specifically for you with your budget and expectations in mind.

Why Brookswood Denture Clinic? No Short Cuts!

Both Darren Sailer and Colin Harty are Certified BPS Precision Denture and SEMCD (Lower Suction Denture) Clinicians.

“There hasn’t been a technique in over 20 years that has revolutionize the industry allowing me to give my patients a lower denture that doesn’t float. The results are exciting!”

– Colin Harty, Registered Denturist

The lower suction denture technique has made all the difference to me…

“I recently had Lower Suction Dentures made with Darren Sailer at Brookswood Denture Clinic and it’s the first time in 20 years that I haven’t had to wear a soft liner in my lower denture and the denture fits snuggly without sores or adhesive to hold it in. I now actually have lower suction! I am thrilled with my new dentures. This new technique has made all the difference to me. Thank you!”

– Lucy S.

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