Top 3 Reasons You Should Visit Your Denturist Annually

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If you wear dentures and they’re working well for you, you may think all you need to do is clean them. Consequently, you may skip your annual visit to the denturist.

Your annual visit plays an important role. Here are the top 3 important reasons you shouldn’t miss your annual visit to your denturist.

Oral Health

Denturists recommend an annual checkup for dentures, just as dentists do for teeth. Annual checkups are the best way to keep your mouth healthy and to detect any potential problems.

During your annual visit, the denturist will remove your dentures to examine the tissues beneath them including your lips, oral mucosa, and tongue. They will check for changes in the tissues that may have occurred in the last year.  Abnormal changes are not always visible to the eye but can be detected by your denturist.

Studies show oral health directly affects overall health. Oral bacteria and the inflammation associated with severe gum disease may play a role in other serious diseases. An annual visit to your denturist is a simple way to detect problems and minimize risk.

Your annual visit to your denturist includes a detailed visual and digital examination of your prosthetic. The Denturist will check the stability of your dentures and your bite, and also look for signs of an ill-fitting denture.  If they discover any anomalies, they’ll recommend treatment services to maintain, repair, restore or renew your dental appliance. They’ll also recommend procedures for proper denture care.

Your jaw bone and gums “support” your dentures, but as you age these will change. Unfortunately, denture wearers may not detect these changes until they have serious problems. Using denture adhesives to correct ill-fitting dentures doesn’t address underlying problems and these problems aren’t always evident to the untrained eye.

Dentures will wear down over the years. Eventually you’ll need to replace them, but maintaining your dentures properly increases their useful life.

Appearance & Comfort

Natural changes including tissue shrinkage and loss of underlying bone can cause your dentures to fit poorly. Your denturist may need to “reline” the base of the denture or adjust your dental appliance.

When your dentures don’t fit well your eating pattern will change.  You will start to eat what you can rather than what you want to.  This can lead to unintentional weight loss or weight gain, if you opt for sugary, starchy foods instead of healthy ones. It can also severely impact your nutritional intake which inhibits body function. Eating poorly may affect your energy level, healing power, and diminishes overall health.

Naturally, you want your dentures to look good too. Your annual visit to Brookswood Denture Clinic includes a complimentary denture cleaning and polish for a brighter, more attractive smile.

If you’re struggling with your dentures, please contact us. We want you to look good and feel great.  We offer innovative denture and implant solutions to suit your needs.

Live your best life and let us perfect your smile.

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